Those rumors, however, were mostly unfounded. Here are the 10 things even diehard fans didn't know about the gorgeous Blanche Devereaux: Many fans probably wondered what happened to Blanche after Golden Girls ended in 1992. Related:HBO Is Rebooting Perry MasonHere Are 13 Other Clsasic TV Shows We'd Like to See Return. Apr 6, 2017, 02:47 PM EDT. Inarguably one of Betty White's most legendary acting roles was that of Rose Nylund on "The Golden Girls." She starred in the series alongside Beatrice Arthur, Estelle Getty, and Rue McClanahan from 1985 through 1992 (via IMDb ). McClanahan passed away in 2010 at age 76 from a stroke. Compassion is the foundation of everything positive, everything good. McClanahan was the youngest of the four actresses who played the "Golden Girls," writing their name in history. A month after Betty White's death at 99, Golden Girls casting director Joel Thurm has revealed that her main co-stars Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan did not like her and called her profane names . In the mid-nineties, McClanahan was diagnosed with cancer, but was able to fight it successfully. Critics recognized her contributions to entertainment with nominations for various awards, including an Emmy for her work in "Golden Girls. Every fan of the Golden Girls knows Blanche loved men. Blanche is such a natural when it comes to flirting and dating, almost everything in her life revolves around it, including her name. That's for two reasons: One, while the characters' ages on the series seemed fairly clear-cutBlanche, Rose and Dorothy were in their mid-50s, while Sophia was Dorothy's widowed, elderly motherthe actual ages of the actresses playing them were completely different. Arthur bequeathed $300,000 to the Ali Forney Center, a long-term housing center for LGBTQ+ youth, in her will. 1 in ratings on its opening night in 1985 and stayed in the top 10 for six seasons, winning several awards. 'The Golden Girls' Rue McClanahan didn't think Blanche Devereaux was a slut Blanche's love life was a central focus of The Golden Girls . However, Colucci claimed that writer and creator Susan Harris insisted, "I wrote this role for Bea and I want Bea." "She's been out of it so many years, not recognizing anyone. She said, Lovely, pretty girls,' and I said, Not bad bodies,' and she said Oh, no, not bad bodies! Betty White and Rue McClanahan had worked together before. . During the audition process, producers asked the women to read each other's parts and decided to swap roles, much to McClanahan's delight. "So, we're thinking next, the Golden Girls house," Drew quipped. Rue fell in love with Peter and married him in 1964. She called her 2007 journal "My First Five Husbands . Mia Farrow Wishes Her Son Fletcher a Happy Birthday with a Throwback Photo, Bryce Dallas Howard Turns 42 See Father Ron Howard & Other Stars Shower Her with Birthday Wishes, Brad Pitts Rarely Seen Son, 19, Spotted in LA - He Grew up with 20 Kids in 1 Bed & Worked Hard with Brother Later, Sissy Spacek & Jack Fisk Are Married for 48 Years Although They Never Expected a Lifelong Relationship, Tom Hanks Has Been Married to Wife Rita for 33 Years Who He Met amid Broken Marriage to College Sweetheart, Ron Howard Was Most Concerned about His Kids' Values Inside His Decision to Protect Them. '", White wrote in her book If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Won't)that Getty would never use death for a laugh, explaining, "Estelle Getty was so afraid of dying that the writers onThe Golden Girlscouldn't put a dead joke in the script." Rue, on the other hand, didn't stop at just dating, she married her men. Did Rue Mcclanahan have children? Rue McClanahan, mostly known for her role as Blanche Devereaux on NBC's long-running TV series "Golden Girls," is . Born 1934, Rue McClanahan was 51 when The Golden Girls first arrived on TV screens, and 58 when it . Another set insider saw the relationship a little differently. We all sat down for the first table read and somebody read a line and then somebody else read a line." All rights reserved. Maybe it's a painful thing," he said. That year, Bea Arthur, Betty White, and Rue McClanahan were all nominated for the award, but when Rue's name was called, her loving and supportive co-stars cheered the loudest for her. A year later, they tied the knot but their marriage was short-lived and they divorced in 1959. Despite Arthur and White dining together between shoots, White didn't think Arthur liked her, and McClanahan didn't think so either. The producers asked Rue to call Bea and get her to accept the role of Dorothy. She'd be walking around like Pig-Pen under a black cloud. Portraying Madame Morrible in Broadway's Wicked. In the 1983 episode Nothing to Fear, But Fear Itself, Sophia Petrillo apparently revealed that her daughter Dorothy was conceived in 1931. The Golden Girls co-star Rue McClanahan explained it like this back in 2009: "Bea came from a New York stage point of view. "She had a great sense of humor and she was extremely talented. Both White and Arthur each lost their mothers while filming Season 1 of The Golden Girls, but wouldn't take time off. A veteran television actress and Broadway star of the 50s, Rue McClanahan was born Eddi-Rue McClanahan in Healdton, Oklahoma, to Dreda Rheua-Nell (Medaris), a beautician, and William Edwin McClanahan, a building contractor. Everything clicked, and the decision was made that the women would switch roles. For two years (1982 - 1984), she played "Aunt Fran" on Mama's Family (1983) until her character was killed off and she joined the cast of Golden Girls. Rue McClanahan and Betty White had great chemistry on the Golden Girls and this may be because the two actresses had previously worked together. As McClanahan explained in a 1995 clip that aired on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," her love for gardening was a guiding factor . Rue turned her kitchen into an expanded closet for her signature Blanche Devereaux looks. Throughout theshow's7 season run, fans watched Blanche charm everyone with her style and confident attitude. People wonder if her dementia was beginning, even back then, said Colucci. During her time in Hollywood, she was married six times. [May 2003]. 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Copyright 2023 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Advertisement. When Rue went to her audition for Rose, they asked her if she could read the part of Blanche as well. Blanche Devereaux would approve! 4. Even though the recording session was slated to last for an hour, she did it in one or two takesmaybe 20 or 30 minutesand planned on never thinking of it again. Blanche never explicitly shares her age in the series, but in a 1988 Mothers Day episode, it was revealed that she was 17 years old in 1949, making her character about 53 years old when the show began in 1985. McClanahan has seen it all from being abandoned by her husband while she was pregnant and having an abortion in the '60s. Her third attempt at marriage with Peter DeMaio proved to be the most difficult of all. She made her stage debut when she was only 4-years-old, taking part in the local play, "The Three Little Kittens.". Ray Hamel. TheGolden Girlswere friends on the show, but did the actresses have the same chemistry off camera? Getty was only 63 and playing 20 years olderand she didn't want to age offscreen. And then, of course, they did The Golden Palacewithout mom on it. Official Sites. They were married for seven years before they divorced in 1971. She's one of the reasons for the success of the show with young people. But she did. ", "She took care of me the Thanksgiving my mother died the first year ofMaude," McClanahan recalled. It was hard on everybody.. For two years (1982 - 1984), she played "Aunt Fran" on Mama's Family (1983) until her character was killed off and she joined the cast of Golden Girls. 69 on the Writers Guild of America's list of100 Best-Written TV Series of All Time. The story goes: Maude discovers that Vivan has had a facelift and decides to get one herself. But what about the fifth Hollingsworth sibling? she was a lawyerwith two teenaged children. '", While filming the episode "The Heart Attack," White drew from the death of her beloved husband, Allen Ludden, when she was in character as widow Rose Nylund. Betty White was 63 when the series began in 1985, but she completely pulled off playing a younger character. Rue McClanahan tells Betty White a raunchy joke in a new viral video on Twitter. ", Betty White, Bea Arthur, and Rue McClanahan accept the Pop Culture Award | Photo: Getty Images. She did a beautiful, funny job [with Rose].". Rue talks about "The Golden Girls", which had just finished it's second season. Fans would all agree this was the right choice. But there's no denying that Blanche sure knows her way around a bed. Betty's voice kind of cracked and she took a breath and said to me, 'I'd give anything to have that year of my life back again. Despite its growing popularity, The Golden Girls came to an end after Arthur announced she was ready to move on. It loses its magic.". Rue remained on relatively good terms with the majority of her husbands - four out of . "That really got to her," McClanahan said. I heard from Bea and she said, 'I'm having Thanksgiving dinner and you come over here immediately.' LOS ANGELES, July 25 (UPI) -- Estelle Getty's son, Carl Gettleman, said Getty's former co-stars from "The Golden Girls" did not attend her funeral in Los Angeles Thursday. Here's a look at her life. Scientists Search for the Cause of Mysterious COVID-Related Inflammation in Children. The Golden Girls cast - Rue McClanahan, Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty and Betty White. McClanahan once said that Arthur refused to go to dinner between shoots unless White walked with her. While some might think her secret has to do with her many adventures with men, it actually has nothing to do with that, and everything to do with her age. However, her reality, even though she was married six times, was very different. McClanahan was married five times before getting hitched to her sixth husband, Morrow Wilson, in 1997. It received critical acclaim through its seven-season run and . When your brain is frozen like that, you can't remember lines. Rosario Dawson, Owen Wilson take on ghosts in 'Haunted Mansion' trailer. Although the women will forever be linked to their famous characters, McClanahan admits that they couldn't be more different from their Golden Girls personas. Rue McClanahan's former Los Angeles-area home designed by the Playboy Mansion architect Arthur Kelly has hit the market for $5.495 million. March 3 (UPI) -- Disney has released the first teaser for its upcoming supernatural comedy, "Haunted Mansion," which was inspired by one of its most popular theme park attractions. Everyone has their secrets, including Blanche. She had previously hosted shows with proceeds benefiting the center. (Seriously, could you imagine anyone else playing those parts??) What a coincidence that the golden girl who spends the most time agreeing to go to bed with men has initials that spell bed. When I came back to California, I was grieving so. March 3 (UPI) -- Model Jasmine Tookes and her husband, Snapchat executive Juan David Borrero, have announced that they welcomed a baby girl last month. or redistributed. Rue McClanahan, an actress best known for her Emmy-winning role as the sassy, man-crazy Southern belle Blanche Devereaux on the hit TV series "The Golden Girls," has died. "Everyone thinks Estelle's character Sophia is dying, so it was particularly poignant," Passaris said. By tape day, she was unreachable. John Cena, Awkwafina, Simu Liu to star in 'Grand Death Lotto' movie. Mark Bish is the son of Rue McClanahan. Gettleman said Tony Thomas, a former executive producer of "The Golden Girls," did attend the funeral. She explained her father's absence while growing up left her with the need to feel loved and appreciated. "I called her and said, 'Why are you going to turn down the best script that's ever going to come across your desk as long as you live? ", Rue McClanahan arrives at "Celebrating Bea Arthur" | Getty Images. ", Related: Here's What the FamousGolden GirlsHouse Actually Looks Like Inside. What does Blanche mean by a girl alone in the world? Her third husband revealed that she . McClanahan did not shy away from describing her interest in men and the many affairs she had. At the 1987 ceremony, she set herself apart from her character by feathering her honey-hued hair, applying sexy, smoky . Rue: She took care of me the Thanksgiving my mother died the first year of Maude. I dont know if you could ever duplicate that particular chemistry.. Producers had a replica made of the front of the property at the then-Disney-MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida, which was used for exterior shots. The Golden Girlswas on for seven glorious seasons from 1985 to 1992, the television equivalent of comfort food and cheesecake. The late Rue McClanahan rose to fame in the hit TV sitcom "Golden Girls." During her time in Hollywood, she was married six times. Was this the cause of the stroke that took her life? Played the same character, Blanche Devereaux, on four different TV series: One of Rue's maternal great-great-great-great-grandmothers, SheNiYah, was a Choctaw Native American. April 9, 2021 4:10 PM. article ul li { list-style: disc; padding: 5px 0; } In 1997, McClanahan was diagnosed with breast cancer. "Thank God for videotape and that those reruns are going to go on for the rest of our lives for sure. True. But unfortunately for Blanche, she left fans little clues of how old she was. McClanahan is originally from Oklahoma, and producers originally had her keep her natural accent to play Blanche in the pilot. What to stream this weekend: 'Triangle of Sadness,' live Chris Rock special, Famous birthdays for March 3: Jackie Joyner-Kersee, George Miller, Hallmark Channel orders Season 2 of 'The Way Home'. She made her stage debut in the local production named 'The Three Little Kittens', at the age of four. She was Jewish, New York funny. Rue with her son Mark and her first husband Tom, about 30 years after the divorce. The series ran for a total of seven seasons and a total of 180 full-length episodes. Fans learned in season 7, episode 1 "Hey, Look Over Here" that Blanche's middle name is Elizabeth. The home is estimated to be valued at nearly $3 million. - IMDb Mini Biography By: When it came to stage performances she had "jitters" for opening nights, about rehearsals and worrying about not having enough time to prepare perfectly. [June 2005], Spoke at a press conference at Saratoga Springs, New York protesting the use of diving horses at Magic Forest Theme Park, Lake George, New York. It is NOT a reboot of The Golden Girls. Turns out the fifth Hollingsworth child spent most of his life in a Chattanooga Institution. My mother was young, and I was young. Arthur, who played Getty's daughter on the show, told "Inside Edition," it was too difficult for her to deal with the emotion of a funeral. They fell in love and tied the knot in 1985. Legal Statement. Fun fact: McClanahan was originally slated to play the role of Rose, and White was set to play the role of Blanche. (Kevork Djansezian / Associated Press) 5 / 7. In her kitchen, of course. Dustin Hoffman. Although married many times, Rue McClanahan never had any children. It was unexpected. After the marriage ended, Rue moved back to Oklahoma and lived with her family. NYP2002040207 - NEW YORK, April 02 (UPI) -- Actress Rue Mclanahan and Bea Arthur, right, who starred in the 1980's tv series "The Golden Girls," pose for the press at the 13th annual Glaad Media Awards held on April 1, 2002 in New York City. The show's original director, Jay Sandrich, wanted Rue to simply use her Oklahoma accent instead of a thick southern one. Find where to watch Rue McClanahan's latest movies and tv shows Blanche Devereaux won the hearts of many duringher 7 years on the Golden Girls,including the hearts of the Emmys. We were told not to address her unless we were addressed. Rue McClanahan previously noted that the dislike did not necessarily go both ways. And Betty came from a television point of view: She would flirt with the audience, and pull her skirt up and say, 'Hi sailor.' Arthur's son, Matthew Saks, said that her decision to leaveThe Golden Girlswasn't a very complicated one, and that while she did appear on The Golden Palacelater, she was reluctant to do so. So this job she did on a random weekday in 1985 has put her kids through college.". She loved flirting with them, dating them, and taking them to her bedroom or meeting them at a hotel.
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