In his ending, he is tricked by Gill and left for dead in a facility, until he is rescued by a young girl named Effie (, Ef), and the pair go on a journey together. Blade (, Burdo), played by game designer Alan Noon, is a character who appears exclusively in the Street Fighter: The Movie arcade game. For artist and designers, these female fatales provides a chance for artistic people to come up with intriguing and creative artworks on Street Fighter characters. Oh, how apt, as his full name is Ken Masters. She is the daughter of a wealthy European family. 13. [35] Remy was voted 8th in Capcom's popularity poll of 85 characters for the 15th anniversary of Street Fighter.[10]. When Hokuto turned 17, she was sent on a journey to find her older half-brother Kairi, who went missing years before. Ken told Allen that he was only a "big fish in a small pond". [27] In 2012, ScrewAttack included her among top ten underrated Street Fighter characters. [47][65] In 2nd Impact, Hugo seeks a partner for an upcoming tag team wrestling tournament due to take place in a few months. The main titles of the Street Fighter fighting game series have introduced a varied cast of 80 World Warriors from the main series, and 34 from several spin-offs, for a total of 114 playable characters who originated from different countries around the world, each with his or her unique fighting style. Kairi (), who first appears as a secret character in the original Street Fighter EX, is depicted as an amnesiac who was initially conceived to be the main character in the EX series. [131] In Street Fighter EX3, he has a special ending if the player finishes the single-player mode with Zangief as his tag-partner. He makes a cameo appearance in Street Fighter X Tekken. Abel (, Aberu) is a heavily scarred French martial artist described as an amnesiac. He also appears in the High Roller Casino stage in Street Fighter 5 as a background character. Gen () is an elderly Chinese martial arts master and former assassin with ties to Chun-Li's backstory, first introduced as a non-playable opponent in the original Street Fighter. Returning to Britain, Elena told the tree who summoned her all about the trip, and the tree seemed to be listening intently. Sharon (), who debuts in Street Fighter EX2, is a beautiful red-haired woman with a tattoo of a rose on her chest. He was mentioned by Gouken in the second episode Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. Street Fighter 6 - Female Character Creation (All Options Showcase) MELOO 274K subscribers Join Subscribe 541 29K views 4 months ago #StreetFighter6 #SF6 #Streetfighter6Beta Street. Fighters include Luke, Jamie, Manon, Kimberly, Marisa, Lily, JP, Juri, Dee Jay, Cammy, Ryu, E. Honda, Blanka, Guile, Ken, Chun-Li, Zangief, and Dhalsim. Afterwards, Hugo and his rival go on to form a tag team to compete in the CWA tag tournament. Birthplace: China. Her fighting style is derived from Bajiquan, a Chinese martial art that utilizes elbow and shoulder strikes, while Daigo assists her in certain attacks. Laura was the third of the four default newcomers confirmed for Street Fighter V (she was first seen in Famitsu, and later on a Twitter leak [citation needed]) and the first new female fighter in the game. His targets are filled with despair when he corners them. He has artificially enhanced his body in order to overthrow the men in charge of the totalitarian government responsible for the deaths of his wife and daughter. Dhalsim then tells Alex that big things will happen to him in the future, foreshadowing his role as the main character of the Street Fighter III series, and teleports away. In his ending, Necro saves Effie from falling and thwarts agents of the Illuminati at the Siberian railroad. Due to the experiments performed on her, she can channel Psycho Power through her staff "Harmony". He is absent from the original Street Fighter EX2, but returns in Street Fighter EX2 Plus, in which he obtains another opportunity to fight against more wrestlers around the world after Pullum becomes a princess. RELATED: 10 Chun-Li Cosplays That Look Just Like The Game. Birdie was initially a pale and tall70sEnglishpunk rocker in the original Street Fighter game. "[26], On the other hand, Official Dreamcast Magazine UK had listed the "bland" and "a bit crap" Elena among in their opinion the worst aspects of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike at the time of game's release. Naturally this makes him the powerhouse of his unit.Matthew is pretty much like Jax from Mortal Kombat and Cyborg from DC comics fused into one entity. [88] A reviewer for the New Straits Times described her as the best of the new characters, praising both her appearance and attack arsenal. Her source of power is apparently derived from Psycho Power, yet is not purely evil like that of M. Bison; though seemingly quite similar to Rose's Soul Power. In it, she ends up being sent to the same school as Ibuki, Makoto, Narumi, and Sarai Kurosawa. This character was only playable in the Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation. The Cyborg's special moves are the same ones used by Ken in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, including his Shry Reppa Super Combo. He is an American MMA fighter who joined the military to become stronger after his father, Robert, was killed in a terrorist attack during his childhood. She was the first female fighter in the series and has been a mainstay ever since. [18] Alex was also named as 10th-best character in the series by Complex. And Street Fighter made sure to follow that respectful trend by introducing the world to Fei Long in Super Street Fighter II. Her loving father, the patriarch of the tribe, has a doctorate from a French university. In 3rd Strike,[66] Hugo achieves such an overwhelming victory in the tag tournament that no other wrestler dares to challenge him anymore. The Emperor of Muay Thai himself, Sagat, is probably one of the more formidable-looking characters on this list. Her animation appears to be two to three times smoother than any other character in SFIII. [122] In Fighting EX Layer, disappointed by her inventions' lack of fame, she seeks out fellow inventor Balba Purna, coming into contact with his daughter Pullum along the way. He first appears as a non-playable character in Street Fighter Alpha 2 as Guy's teacher and the 38th Master of the Bushinryu school. He may also be inspired byBritish former professional boxer Chris Eubank. He also makes an appearance in Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation as one of several fighters accompanying Ryu to rescue Shun from Dr. Sadler. super art, Twelve has the ability to briefly copy his opponent's form and moves. Blair Dame (, Burea Deimu), appears as a secret character in the original Street Fighter EX and as a regular character in Street Fighter EX Plus, EX Plus , and Fighting EX Layer. On the surface Deejay is a happy go lucky man with a nonsensical grin and laidback attitude, however he is also a hard worker with strong credentials.At the time of his conception, Deejay was the only street fighter to be designed by Capcom's American division and the inspiration behind his character wasBilly Blanks. [6] In her ending, Elena writes back to her Japanese friend after returning to France from spending her summer vacation in Japan again and invites Narumi to visit her in Africa during her winter vacation. tournament, he then reveals that he has decided to enter her into it. In EX2, his hair has changed from black to white as a result of his constant battles. She recently became Guy's kunoichi apprentice and loves 1980's pop culture. The creation of Rashid was a close collaboration between Capcom Japan, Sony, and Pluto Games. He is a hot-temperered Canadian member of Metro City's Mad Gear gang who originally appeared as a boss character in 1989's Final Fight. [26] In their rankings of Street Fighter characters, Paste Magazine placed Gen at 41st place. "[31], Gamasutra's Brandon Sheffield expressed a desire to see her in Super Street Fighter IV, calling her his favourite character. He is described by director Takayuki Nakayama as an important character to the future of the Street Fighter franchise who was created to help expand the universe in the series takes place. Laura is black. As a sentient version of Evil Ryu, Kage's fighting style is reminiscent of pre-sentient counterpart from the earlier games, including Akuma's Oni form from Street Fighter IV updates. She's 6 years older than Sean. [84] He went on to state that she was also an attempt to create a character with a "cool" design, which he feels are predominant in SNK titles. His fighting style is simulated by a computer, then programmed into his brain with cyber implants. [34] She won's vote for the most kawaii Street Fighter female. Crimson Viper also appears as a playable character in the crossover fighting games Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Engineer before being kidnapped by Bison and Shadaloo. In Street Fighter EX2 Plus, he continues to be pursued by the mysterious organization,[126] and by the end of Street Fighter EX3 he seeks refuge in Blair's mansion. He is a demon dressed in samurai-like armor who wields a sword hidden within his own body. As a character who only appeared during the draw game screen, her role is actually minimal, but she would make for an exciting new playable character in future Street Fighter games. Rose also cannot look into Ingrid's future, as she did with other Street Fighters. Despite fighting out of Metro City, he is noted for being the first playable character in the series who is a Canadian national. With new powers also developing as well, he sets out to find the reason behind these sudden changes. She wears a S.I.N form-fitting suit which enables her to perform electrical, seismic, and pyrotechnic moves. He has a shapeshifting body that is an improved and strengthened version of the prototype body given to Necro. There are three other hidden characters in the arcade game, who are all palette swaps of Blade. After Guy defeats him, he passes on his title as Master and disappears. Alex eventually returns to Tom as a changed person after fighting various people around the world. [clarification needed] In Abel's rival encounter, Abel mentions that he recognizes Guile's Sonic Boom, leading to speculation that he may have spent time with Charlie. 7. Kimberly Jackson (, Kinbar Jakuson)[113] was also first shown in the trailer for June 2022 before being announced at EVO 2022. Khyber (, Kaib) (the yellow shock trooper) uses special techniques that resemble the ones used by Dhalsim (who was not featured in the arcade game) such as the Yoga Flame and Yoga Blast. Motivated by these words, Allen sets out to prove that he can be the best not only in America, but in the world. Elena is 183cm tall and weighs 52kg, her measurements are B83 / W58 / H88, and her birthday is on September 18. The drink jug he uses in battle boosts his fighting skill, but contains Yakuyu (), a kind of medicinal drink similar to tea, instead of alcohol.[108]. All we know is she's dark skinned and Egyptian, and there are many dark skinned Egyptians who are not black. He is following the footsteps of his father, a legendary hero who once saved his home village from the demon Orochi (), and is one of the few Street Fighter characters to use a sword in combat. He's practically a more stylish version of the Hulk, but with fewer anger issues and less height. Special Forces when Guile was discharged and formed his team. [121] Allen returns in Fighting EX Layer, determined to defeat the recently revived Garuda to prove himself. Hailing from Brooklyn New York, Libra is a member of the Judgement girls, female judges who decide the winner in the event of a draw. JafariElena's kin first appeared as a family portrait in her Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike ending, and it's at this moment we are introduced to her father and head of the table, Jafari. [80] She was tailored towards Western tastes, as an experiment to see how audiences would receive the character. Nanase is a skilled master of bojutsu. Her alongside the other Dolls are captured and brainwashed by Shadaloo to serve and ultimately protect M.Bison from danger.Outside of being a Shadaloo Doll, little is known about Santamu's origins, although one thing we do know is that she loves animals and has a pet monkey named Kiki. Among the cast of characters introduced in the Street Fighter EX series, Skullomania is the most popular. Cycloid- (-, Saikuroido Bta) and Cycloid- (-, Saikuroido Ganma), who both appear as secret characters in Street Fighter EX Plus and EX Plus , are a pair of cyborgs that use the special techniques of other characters. He is later redesigned from the Street Fighter Alpha series onwards as a hulking Black British punk rocker with a blonde, blade-shaped mohawk. [54] In the story mode of Street Fighter V, "A Shadow Falls", Alex is first shown winning a pro-wrestling tournament. Originally from China, Jianyu and her twin sister were kidnapped and brainwashed by Shadaloo to be trained as an assassin working for M. Bison. Elena was added to the social game Street Fighter Battle Combination in 2016.[11]. [8], Birdie debuted in the first Street Fighter as the first of two opponents the player faces in England, where he is initially presented as a tall, white punk rocker with a beak-shaped mohawk hairstyle. She fights wearing a light blue leotard and long boots. Alex returns in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike[50] with a slightly different personality. His supposedly bad behaviour sees him constantly getting punished, as evident in his debut. Pullum is a character who debuted in the infamous Street Fighter EX series and is a young wealthy Afro Arab heiress (yes they exist) who sets out on an adventure with her bodyguard in an effort to locate her missing father who is presumed to be working for the Shadaloo. He immediately recognizes fellow wrestler Zangief as "Tornado Rojo" (Red Twister), and then announces his own title as "The Hurricane of the Gulf of Mexico". In her story, Elena finds herself summoned to Dudley's estate and tells him she was told by a tree in his garden that the two of them must take a journey to Antarctica. Many elements of Skullomania are homages to the Showa era tokusatsu genre of Japanese action shows in general and Kamen Rider in particular, specifically the red scarf and belt since Street Fighter EX2, and prominence of flying kicks in his fighting style. When she learns that a key member of a criminal organization she was assigned to investigate has the same tattoo that she has, she goes after him to find out why. Marisa (, Marza) is a giant muscular Italian jewelry designer and an MMA-Pankration fighter, whose medium-length red hair almost looks like a helmet. A female version of Skullomania appears as a special guest character in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. [18] In a 2014 poll ran by Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Ingrid was ranked as one of the top three most requested characters to be added to Ultra Street Fighter IV.[42]. [101] Her ice attacks that drain the opponent's stun meter will end up freezing them, rather than simply leaving them dizzy. In an issue of UDON's Street Fighter comic book, Geki appears as an assassin sent to kill Gen.[volume&issueneeded] In the Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki comic miniseries, Geki is depicted as a rival clan to Ibuki's clan. [4] She has a tomboyish but light-hearted personality, and loves music and dance. Her exact nationality is never given. [25] Ultra Street Fighter IV review by Retro Gamer stated: "We've always been big fans of Hugo and Elena, so they're our favourite additions. After confronting Hokuto and Nanase, he recovers his memories and learns that he was responsible for the death of their father. Gen has appeared in media outside of video games. 9. Street Fighter x Tekken - Episode 2 - Cinematic Trailer Street Fighter X Tekken Gamescom 2011 (PS3, Xbox 360, Vita) Street Fighter X Tekken 'Ryu, Chun Li vs Kazuya, Nina' Gameplay [59] He was ranked as the sixth-best Street Fighter character by SantamuSantamu is an Ethiopian character, who in earlier iterations is said to be from Vietnam, although she ethnically looksBlackin various Capcom artwork. Nanase (), who first appears as a hidden character in the original Street Fighter EX2 and becomes a regular character in Street Fighter EX2 Plus and Street Fighter EX3, is the younger sister of Hokuto. Pullum returns as a downloadable character in Fighting EX Layer. In her Street Fighter III ending, Elena ends up being transferred to a high school in Japan as an exchange student, where she has befriended a young Japanese girl named Narumi () and writes home to her parents about her experiences. The UDON comic series of Street Fighter shows El Fuerte as a big fan of R. Mika. She is featured prominently in Street Fighter V: A Shadow Falls, operating under the name "Helen" and organizing a group of fighters to help stop Bison's plan in order to advance the Illuminati's goals. Q was nominated third by as one of 10 Characters they wanted to see in Ultra Street Fighter IV. His parents died at a young age, so he was raised by his father's friend, Tom, who trained him in fighting. [97] Streamline Studios, based in Malaysia, was responsible for modeling and rigging of his model. While Birdie has an intimating aura in the Street Fighter Alpha series, he is literally turned into a fat joke in Street Fighter V. 5. They are categorized based on the game in which they first became playable, including the original Street Fighter game, the Street Fighter II series, the Street Fighter Alpha series, the Street Fighter III series, the Street Fighter IV series, Street Fighter V, Street Fighter 6 and other related games. DudleyIs there a Street fighter character with as much class and dignity as Dudley? Hugo is the son of a farmer from the German countryside and was raised alongside his two younger sisters. In his ending, Remy realizes that he has been inadvertently following in his father's footsteps. Furthermore, as head of the tribe, he then commands her (amid protests from her brother) to observe the fighters and thus determine "the truth", to which she happily agrees. Geki () is a Japanese Ninja who fights with hand claws and shuriken and has the ability to teleport. What's also unique about Santamu is her use of a spear, which is a first time in the Street Fighter verse. [135] A new Hayate, the descendant of the original, appears as a playable character in Fighting EX Layer. She, like Ryu and Ken, have made an appearance in every mainline Street Fighter since Street Fighter 2. She goes on a journey to find Hokuto and Kairi, unaware that the journey is also a test to determine whether she is fit to inherit the Mizugami teachings. [28], Elena was also noted as one of the relatively few black female or African characters in video games. In Fighting EX Layer, Dark appears as a villainous character influenced by Garuda's negative energy. She was briefly seen in the first full trailer of Summer State Play 2022 before being fully revealed in Tokyo Game Show 2022. [8] Birdie [ edit] Voiced by: Wataru Takagi (Alpha series), Ryzabur tomo (Alpha: The Animation), Hidenari Ugaki (V) (Japanese); Paul Dobson (animated series), Michael McCarty (Alpha: The Animation), T.J. Storm (V) (English) [52][53] Alex reappears as a playable character in Street Fighter V as the first of 6 characters to be released after the game's launch in 2016. Believing that this person is associated with the upcoming S.I.N. [70] Ultimately, she is freed from the Mizugami clan by Hokuto and her memories of her past sealed, allowing her to live a normal life. [20] He was ranked 20th on the list of top Street Fighter characters by Elena is always eager to learn more about the world, which is part of the reason for her travels. During gameplay, he can vanish and reappear as a younger version of himself, which bears a strong resemblance to another Capcom character, Strider Hiryu. A green cell indicates that the character is playable, with the number indicating the revision of the game they are introduced in (e.g. He comes from Bari, and his special moves are named after locations in Italy such as Aetna, Vesuvio, Canossa, Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs), and Torre Pendente (Leaning Tower). On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. There, she worked with Guy and Haggar to take down the Skull Cross gang as thanks for Haggar clearing her of a false corruption charge in the past. Zeku (, Zek) is a character is a character who makes his playable debut in Street Fighter V Season 2 DLC. Gen has been positively received for his in-universe longevity, and for being one of the few characters in fighting games who has multiple movesets and who is challenging for most players to master. Adon (, Thai: , Adon, [/.dn/]) appears in the original Street Fighter as a Muay Thai warrior that the player faces before the final match against Sagat. Her fighting style greatly revolves around baiting, fakes, high jump cancels, and rushdown. Hokuto () is the daughter of the Mizugami () family, who was trained in the family's style of kobujutsu, which has been refined into her personal style that resembles the art of aikijujutsu. She has been well received for a variety of reasons, including her innovative fighting style and very smooth animation in Street Fighter III. [4] In his ending, he makes fun from redundant Sagat and since then he considers himself as a new Muay Thai master. The Street Fighter Alpha series consists of three games: Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams (1995), Street Fighter Alpha 2 (1996) and Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1998). According to the Computer & Video Games reviewer of the arcade version of her first game, Elena had "the most animation frames of any 2D hand drawn character in [fighting game] history. [51][71] Nothing of his background has yet been revealed. [133] Garuda returns as the antagonist of Fighting EX Layer. Birdie's appearance in the first Street Fighter was voted joint last in Capcom's own popularity poll of 85 characters for the 15th anniversary of Street Fighter,[10] along with a low placement at 87th in a worldwide Street Fighter character poll held between 2017 and 2018. Holger was the sole survivor of his unit, but suffered tremendous physical and mental scars. It is a playable character at the end of the homonymous game released for the PlayStation and later Sega Saturn, exclusive to the NTSC region (also known as Street Fighter II: The Interactive Game). She reverts to her original design in EX3. "[22] Now Gamer listed Gen and Heihachi Mishima as one of the rivalries they want to see in Street Fighter X Tekken. It is also hinted that Charlie was the person that helped him as Abel recognizes Guile's fighting style and Abel even comments to Chun-Li about the soldier that rescued him from Shadaloo. He is the second Japanese opponent in the original Street Fighter,[19] a battle which takes place near Mount Fuji. Unlike his racially ambiguous wife and offspring, Jafari is the only person from his immediate family who looks like a Kenyan citizen.He is said to be a very wise man and great leader who at some point studied oversees to obtain a doctor's degree in pharmacy andveterinarian medicine. Nanase becomes worried about Hokuto after she leaves the shrine where they live and does not return. After being rescued by Ed, the duo became founding members of Neo Shadaloo. The Street Fighter EX series is developed by Arika, a company formed of former Capcom employees. Elena (, Erena) is a fictional character in the Street Fighter series who made her first appearance in Street Fighter III: New Generation in 1997. Garuda's form is said to change depending on his opponent: he takes a strong form against warriors seeking strength and feeds on the hatred of warriors who are seeking vengeance. His model was created by David Giraud of Volta, based in Montreal. In Street Fighter EX2, his costume is redesigned, adding a red scarf and a red letter "S" in front of his mask, along with white gloves and boots and a belt. In the original Street Fighter EX, Hokuto wears a blue-white outfit resembling that of a Japanese archer, and white hachimaki around her long hair. He agrees to become Pullum Purna's bodyguard, hoping to use the opportunity to travel the world and fight many wrestlers. Below are characters that made their debut in the arcade game based on the live action film. [60] Alex was named by as the character they wanted to see the most in Ultra Street Fighter IV. In T. Hawk's single-player storyline, Juli is revealed to be Julia, his girlfriend who used to live in his home village until she was kidnapped and brainwashed by Shadaloo. Dhalsim comes to his trailer, wanting the chess piece, but Alex believes Dhalsim is a mugger and fights him. While Dudley was less than thrilled about the journey to begin with, it turns out that Elena's cheerful demeanor helped make it a fun trip. When M. Bison is eventually defeated, she comments that a regular human being like him couldn't possibly control such power and takes the whole Psycho Drive with her as she leaves. 77 degrees dallas racist, pros and cons of quartz pool finish,
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