Rubber moulding
Horizontal injection machines, Vertical injection machines,vertical compression machines.
Moulding plates from 250mm x 250mm to 1500mm x 1500mm and closure forces from 80 Tons to 600 Tons

Tradition and technology in a common evolution to follow a focused track and a clear target: Quality and Service

TPE Styrenic block copolymers
TPV Thermoplastic rubber vulcanized
TPU/PU Polyurethanes
EPDM General use in contact with air / water - good mechanical
CR Better resistance against UV, ozone and oils
NBR Contact with oils and hydrocarbons
HNBR To NBR similar characteristics but better resistance in high temperature / UV / ozone
FKM Good resistance to aggressive chemical environments and high temperatures
VMQ Good resistance to high temperatures
ACM Good resistance to high temperatures in constant contact with hydrocarbons
AEM Good resistance in contact with hydrocarbons / oil and high temperature range variables
FMVQ Good mechanical properties at high temperatures

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